Community Events Calendar

Want to become a community events calendar organizer?

As a Women Entrepreneurs Network Community Event Organizer, you’ll have an opportunity to reach your ideal target market for your virtual and in-person events. You’ll have a place to point them to see your event listing at a great price for your bottom line.

  • Utilize a submission form on the website to post your own events. No waiting to get it inputted.
  • Includes all the standard event fields, including categories and tags
  • Saved venues and organizers
  • reCAPTCHA spam protection
  • Split payment option-   Helps YOU get paid quickly (Paypal account is needed)
  • Access to attendee and other reports.

First, you need to be approved and agree to follow the Submission policy rules whenever you post an event. Best to become familiar with them now before you’re approved. If you agree and are ready to move forward please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.  You will hear back in 48 business hours.

We have 2 subscription options available. Both come with unlimited RSVP (Free) and Ticketed events. Ticketed events will incur additional payment processing and handling fees.

  • 3 months for just $50.00
  • 6 Months for $75.00

Submission Policy

Guidelines for submitting your community event to Women Entrepreneurs Network

1) Submit your events via our event submission form.

The easiest way to submit your event is by using our handy-dandy event submission form.

It is the quickest way to get your event submission online and prepared for approval. It lets you write your content the way you want to, see just how it’ll look when it’s published online, and you’ll get a handy e-mail confirmation when I’ve approved it for publication. How helpful!

2) It’s also ok to email your event info to us.

While the event submission form is easier for us, sometimes sending info via email is necessary. If you choose to email the information, make sure to include the following:

  • Event name
  • Location with a street address
  • Date and Time (from its beginning to end)
  • Cost
  • Age
  • Brief description (roughly 2-3 sentences/50 words or less)
  • Publishable contact info (phone, email, website)

3) About Images

Our event submission form allows you to upload one photo for your event. You can also email the photo to us. (don’t forget to say which event the photo is for 😐 )

Image Requirements:

  • No flyers (we won’t use them).
  • It should be horizontal or square.
  • The file must be smaller than 5 megabytes (if you have a larger file, and don’t know how to resize it, you can email it to us, or email us a link to the image online somewhere).  
  • must be in JPG, GIF, or PNG file format
  • photos that work well:
    • the performer(s)
    • last year’s event
    • the event location

4) Expect some alterations.

The WEN Community Events Calendar is a curated piece of content.  As a result, Women Entrepreneurs Network will make some necessary alterations to all event submissions. These alterations are made to fit formatting and style requirements for digital marketing (which features truncated descriptions) and our online calendar.  You acknowledge that your event may not be published if it doesn’t follow the policy guidelines and that WEN reserves the right to make changes to the policy as necessary.

5) Events that we do not publish

The calendar at Women Entrepreneurs Network is curated specifically to provide a benefit for our readers and viewers. As a result, not all events are published and we reserve the right not to publish any submitted event. The following types of events go beyond the scope and mission of the Women Entrepreneurs Network’s calendars, and so will not be published in print or online.

  • 1. Events outside Women Entrepreneurs Network’s coverage area. Roughly defined as the United States
  • 2. Passive benefits. e.g: “Eat at This Restaurant and % of your bill will benefit This Organization”.
  • 3. Events that are not open to the public. e.g: “Members only” events.
  • 4. Sales/discounts/specials. e.g: “$5 off local beers on Tuesdays”
  • 5. Promotions for activities that aren’t happening at a specific time. e.g: “During the next two weeks, use this #hashtag with a selfie at this location to enter a drawing.
  • 6. Campaign-style promotions for a business’s usual services.
  • 7. Events with an expired registration date

Last updated: 12/27/2022

Community Event Organizer Application Form
This form is used to generate the data needed to set you up as a WEN Community Event Organizer
Please include the full name of your company
Type or copy and paste your company URL
Please include what kinds of events you might be looking to post ( Yoga/Health classes, vendor/craft fairs, cooking classes, workshops, Shows/Plays/Theater/Comedy/Music, Product Launch, Charity Events, Trade Shows, Conferences, Fundraiser, Festivals, etc.
Please email with a photo of your Company Logo or a clear and professional photo of you.
Whichever makes the most sense to match it up with the organizer's name you used. Please do this right after applying. The image would ideally be at 500 x 500 PX (pixels)
All submissions are the property of this site. Only submit content you have the right to submit.

In checking the box above, you agree to follow the Community Events Submission Policy listed on the company website:
*Ticket payments will be sent to your paypal account. If you don't have one you will need to create one.