Jamie Hart, Coach


Founder, HartFelt Coaching

Haverhill, MA



Tell us about you! (who you are and what you do)

As a caregiver for a family member with early-onset dementia, it was difficult to find needed support. It was difficult to juggle working full-time and caring for my loved one.  I want to share the knowledge I gained through my journey by guiding caregivers of loved ones with early-onset dementia to overcome feelings of hopelessness and worry.  As a life coach, I empower caregivers to find balance and be the best possible caregiver, ensuring they care for themselves as well.


What would your clients say about you and your business?

I have a calming presence and am passionate to provide the best support possible. I am a troubleshooter and seek to understand barriers and new solutions. I show my client how they can manage the challenges with caregiving now and in the future. 


What is something few people know about you?

 I have been a volunteer since I was in grade school. I helped my parents teach handicapped children how to swim.  I learned from an early age the value of service. I continue to volunteer in the community and help advocate for improved health and medical coverage. 


What advice would you give to new entrepreneurs?

I recommend being engaged in organizations that offer you support. You do not have to be alone and be an entrepreneur. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Ask others for help and recommendations. Continue learning.  If you try something and it does not work, you have failed forward and they need to be celebrated along with your wins. 


What is your go-to app or tool to use in your business?

 Zoom allows me to connect all over the world 


Where would you like to be in your career in five years?

I will have a service business with recurring revenue, allowing me to spend my time creating content and supporting charities that I am passionate about.


How has Women Entrepreneurs Network helped you?

 It provides me a supportive network of like-minded women and training that is relevant 


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January 23, 2021

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