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Women Entrepreneurs Network (WEN) offers 24-hour/7 Days week access to our entire library of monthly business development series to our Annual Expansion Members!


Annual Members have immediate access to:

  • Over 30 hours of previously recorded educational workshops.
  • New content is added monthly
  • Sneak Peek video interviews of upcoming workshops
  • A wide range of  resources sprinkled within



Want to learn more before you purchase an Annual Membership?


WEN provides a Complimentary Start-Up Level to get your started. 


Start-Up Membership INCLUDES:


  1. VIDEO-ON-DEMAND Sneak Peek Access
  2. Ability to purchase individual Video-on-Demand Workshops
  3. Sneak Peek access to all StreamYard video previews of workshops.
  4. Public FACEBOOK Community Group
  5. Monthly Newsletter with event updates,
  6. Periodic event discounts


Choose your level of Access by clicking on one of the buttons below.

Enjoy watching and learning!

♥ Rhonda, WEN Founder

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Looking to try before you buy?

Sign up for a Start-Up membership and get a SNEAK PEEK.


You’ll have access to:


Watch all of our StreamYard interviews to learn more about each workshop. 


You’ll be able to purchase individual Video-On-Demand workshops



Take advantage of the massive savings and upgrade to an Annual Expansion membership. 


We have a wide range of educational workshops with much more to come!

Enjoy watching and learning!  ♥ Rhonda, WEN Founder

*Membership is granted in the name of the individual, not an organization. Each membership is personal, non-refundable, and non-transferable.

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